Webinar on May 26 @ 11a-12p ET

What CMC and Finance Leaders Need to Know about Aligning CMC Programs with Finance

Join us for a webinar on building high-touch patient supply chains.

CMC and Finance leaders often find themselves at odds with one another at many emerging companies. The CMC landscape is dynamic, often changing substantially. It can be difficult to capture the strategic and budgetary implications of those changes in a manner that Finance can absorb and use for their purposes. Building alignment between these functions eliminates those roadblocks and can unlock significant additional benefits.

This webinar is for CMC and Finance leaders interested in:

  • Conducting strategic data-driven conversations in terms of Finance and fiscal management
  • Understanding the costs and investment requirements for CMC programs at the individual activity level
  • Providing visibility to program budgets updated in near real-time as conditions change
  • Saving time through a seamless exchange of forecasting information
  • Avoiding ad hoc decision-making
  • Increasing efficiency during scenario analysis and portfolio management


Headshot of Hugh Wight of Allena Pharmaceuticals

Hugh Wight 
Senior Vice President, Technical Operations, Allena Pharmaceuticals

Hugh Wight is SVP of Technical Operations at Allena Pharmaceuticals. He is an experienced manufacturing executive with more than 20 years in pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical development, manufacturing, validation and quality assurance. Prior to joining Allena, Hugh was VP of Technical Operations for Alnara Pharmaceuticals, where he led manufacturing, project management, quality assurance and control, and fostered strategic partnerships with manufacturing organizations. Prior to his time at Alnara, he held various quality assurance and validation leadership positions at Altus Pharmaceuticals, Alkermes, Aquila Biopharmaceuticals, AutoImmune and InSite Vision. Hugh holds a B.S. in microbiology from the University of Maine – Orono.

Todd Applebaum from Converge Consulting will provide his perspective on developing high-touch patient supply chains.

Todd Applebaum
Managing Director, Converge Consulting

Todd Applebaum has supported many clients transitioning from clinical development to commercial production of Biologics, Pharmaceuticals, and Cell Therapies. Todd consults on business strategy, manufacturing, technical operations, the quality system, process development, operational strategy & execution, supply chain management, business process/workflow automation and IT enterprise solutions. Prior to starting Converge Consulting, he served as VP, Technical Operations at Ovascience, Inc., helping transition the company from research to commercial operations. Todd also held the role of VP, Research for the Healthcare and Life Science industries at Gartner, Inc. where his research focused on building patient outcomes-focused operations, the impact of personalized and precision medicines, global operations and network planning, track & trace technologies and operational & performance excellence. He has a BS in Industrial Engineering from General Motors Institute and an MBA from Carnegie Mellon University.

Ashutosh Pandit headshot

Ashutosh Pandit
Consultant, Converge Consulting

Ashutosh Pandit is a consultant trained in finance, strategic advisory & project management services. Ash has experience in financial modeling, research, consulting, and data analytics. He provides project management and FP&A support for major CMC, Quality and Supply Chain initiatives such as CMC dose delivery programs, tech transfer projects, PAI readiness initiatives, QA investigations and Quality Systems assessment projects. Ash specializes in bridging the gap between operational project management across technical subject matter experts, linking development activities and associated risk scenarios with budgeting and long-range plans, and preparing information for board-level review. Prior to joining Converge, he worked in retail with Staples, Inc., corporate banking at HDFC Bank and in entertainment with EventZbook, serving as a senior analyst and startup entrepreneur. He has an MBA in Business Analytics from Babson College and an MBA in Finance from SSSIHL in India.

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