If you are a senior-level life sciences professional, you are invited to join our Supply Chain Working Group.  

Whether you are experiencing logistical challenges due to increasing gas prices, struggling to hire top talent, or want to learn best practices for cell and gene therapies, our Life Sciences Supply Chain Working Group can help.  

This group was established to connect you with your peers so you can build connections, as well as learn from experts and each other. Here’s a sneak peek of the benefits waiting for you: 

  • Expert Seminars and Webinars: Gain valuable insights from industry experts through our exclusive webinars. 
  • Networking Events: Connect with peers during our monthly online Network & Learn sessions, where you can establish meaningful connections and hear about the latest trends and resources. 
  • Exclusive Supply Chain Expert Insights: Our top offering to members — a 30-minute, personalized session with a Converge expert focused on a Supply Chain topic/challenge/question of your choosing. Tap into our knowledge and potentially discover breakthrough strategies for your Supply Chain operations. 

With more than 100 Supply Chain leaders, membership provides exclusive access to resources that can elevate your network and knowledge. Get involved by signing up for free today: 

Supply Chain Working Group Registration