Transitioning to the clinic can be challenging for many research-based organizations. Key decisions need to be made. Significant data must be managed in ways that haven’t been necessary before. New people must be hired, and new processes established. Your company is going to change in a variety of ways, and we can help you prepare for that next phase of growth.

New Processes | New Data | New People | New Manufacturing | New Supply Chain | New Patients
New Filing & Compliance Requirements | New Controlled Data | New IT Systems
Scientist looking through a microscope

How does Converge support entry to the clinic?

  • Portfolio Strategy & Prioritization
  • Real Options Planning
  • Technology Assessment
  • Clinical Transformation Roadmap Development
  • Organization & Operating Model Design
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • IT Strategy & Roadmap Development
  • Clinical Manufacturing, Quality, Supply Chain & Distribution Strategies
  • Supply Chain Partner Selection
  • Business Process Design & Improvement
  • Organizational Development
  • Metrics & RCA Implementation
  • Financial Budgeting & Planning
  • Operations & Supply Management
  • CMC Projects & Program Oversight
  • Supply Planning & Purchasing
  • Manufacturing, Operations & IT Project Management
  • Content/Document Management
  • Collaboration Solutions Implementation
  • Enterprise Systems for Operations Implementation (QMS, LMS, SC, EBR)
  • IT Infrastructure Implementation