Global Logistics & Trade Compliance Services

Info Sheet

Supply chains are growing in complexity whether they support preclinical, clinical, or commercial companies. Biopharma companies work with a global network of suppliers, labs, and contractors, all while the industry continues experiencing after-effects of pandemic-related restrictions and disruptions. The need to manage this complex and evolving web of import/export, transport, and compliance regulations has never been more essential.

The mandates go beyond GMP. Non-compliance with multiple additional trade-related CFRs and international regulations can significantly impact your success through customs holds, shipment delays, penalties reportable on financial filings, stockouts, and in extreme cases the revocation of import/export privileges with criminal prosecution.

Converge Consulting’s expert practitioners understand what constitutes reasonable care and compliant behavior as we guide clients through the logistics and trade compliance landscape. We collaborate closely with your team, as well as with the CMOs, carriers, freight forwarders, customs brokers, and attorneys who are critical to your success.