Improving Demand & Supply Planning for Emerging Life Science Companies

Todd Applebaum, Managing Director

Demand & Supply Planning Wordcloud

Our Demand & Supply Planning Maturity Model aligns key aspects of the planning process to each company’s lifecycle.

Improving demand and supply planning is crucial for Life Science companies. This is especially valuable when dealing with fragile or perishable treatments for chronic or life-threatening conditions. Bringing innovative therapeutics to market involves a tremendous amount of uncertainty. Supply chains are complex. Lead times are long. Clinical and regulatory outcomes are unclear until very late in the process.

The challenge is greater for emerging life science companies who are just establishing their processes and infrastructure. They must balance ensuring materials are always available during clinical trials, ongoing product and process development, and commercial manufacturing.

Emerging companies who scale their planning capabilities are more likely to ensure reliable supply, maintain launch preparation timelines, avoid unnecessary write-offs, achieve effective vendor relationships, deliver better customer service, and manage variability in the supply chain and the marketplace.