Life Sciences Supply Chain Working Group Webinar on 3/25/21 @ 12-1p

Global Logistics & Trade in a Post-Pandemic World

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We are seeing new global logistics and trade challenges emerging in our “new normal” business environment, which includes fast-changing trade wars, restrictions on cross-border transport, and huge demands for cold-chain and vaccine logistics capacity. Our focus will be on understanding the implications of these changes on:

  1. Emerging Companies – Clinical-stage life science companies preparing to commercialize their first products
  2. Established Organizations – Commercial-stage companies expanding globally into new markets and dealing with growing network complexity
  3. Rare Disease and Orphan Drugs – Implications for high-value therapies leveraging high-tough logistics models


Carsten Nielsen, Dicerna Pharmaceuticals

Carsten Nielsen 
Director of Global Supply Chain, Dicerna Pharmaceuticals

Carsten Nielsen is the Director of Global Supply Chain at Dicerna Pharmaceuticals. He leads the supply chain operations and strategy in both clinical and commercial production with extensive experience in logistics and supplier relationship management. Prior to Dicerna, Carsten held management roles at Biogen for both commercial and clinical manufacturing, as well as leading operational excellence initiatives for the supply chain. He has a MS in Physical Chemistry from the University of New Hampshire and an MBA from Babson College.

Todd Applebaum, Converge Consulting

Todd Applebaum
Managing Director, Converge Consulting

Todd Applebaum has supported many clients transitioning from clinical development to commercial production of Biologics, Pharmaceuticals, and Cell Therapies. Todd consults on business strategy, manufacturing, technical operations, the quality system, process development, operational strategy & execution, supply chain management, business process/workflow automation and IT enterprise solutions. Prior to starting Converge Consulting, he served as VP, Technical Operations at Ovascience, Inc., helping transition the company from research to commercial operations. Todd also held the role of VP, Research for the Healthcare and Life Science industries at Gartner, Inc. where his research focused on building patient outcomes-focused operations, the impact of personalized and precision medicines, global operations and network planning, track & trace technologies and operational & performance excellence. He has a BS in Industrial Engineering from General Motors Institute and an MBA from Carnegie Mellon University.

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