With a growing portfolio of commercial products, established Life Sciences organizations face the challenge of scaling operations globally while reducing complexity and improving efficiency.

Multiple products often bring multiple independent supply chains. Each supply chain has a complex network of facilities and outsourced partners.

Operations span various legal entities across geographic regions of the world. Each with unique currency and regulatory requirements.

The complexity of global commercial operations drives a shift in focus to enhance operational excellence. We support innovative companies in identifying opportunities to simplify, automate and drive efficiency in their business.


How does Converge help your team manage increased scale and complexity?

  • Operating Model Visioning
  • Functional Strategy Reset
  • Product Launch Planning & Coordination
  • Organizational Alignment & Rebalancing
  • Metrics & Performance Management
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • IT Strategy & Roadmap Development
  • Business Process Design & Improvement
  • Cycle Time & Variability Reduction
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Lean & Six Sigma Projects
  • Program Design & Management
  • Commercial Launch Preparations/Readiness
  • Financial Budgeting & Planning
  • Clinical and Commercial Operations & Supply Management
  • CMC Projects & Program Oversight
  • Supply Chain Planning & Analytics
  • Manufacturing, Operations & IT Project Management
  • Content/Document Management
  • Collaboration Solutions Implementation
  • Enterprise Systems for Operations (QMS, LMS, SC, EBR) Implementation
  • IT Infrastructure Execution
  • Product Launch Execution