Clinical to Commercial Transformation


Commercializing innovative therapies is challenging for emerging biopharmaceutical firms. There are technical hurdles, evolving regulatory requirements, and a need to invest significant capital before success is assured.  The level of business risk is high.

There is also a range of skills required to prepare the product, the market and the organization’s internal processes and infrastructure.

A commercial launch transforms your organization from a focus on research and clinical development to a focus on physicians and patients.

We understand how today’s decisions can impact the success of your product and organization in the future.

Learn more about how Converge Consulting can help you with your firm’s Commercial Launch.

Commercial Launch Preparation

Case Study


How does Converge support your commercial transformation?

  • Integrated Commercialization Roadmap Creation
  • Product Launch Planning & Coordination
  • Operating Model Visioning
  • Organizational Design
  • Metrics & Performance Management
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • IT Strategy & Roadmap Development
  • Manufacturing, Quality, Supply Chain & Distribution Planning
  • Supply Chain Partner Selection
  • Business Process Design & Improvement
  • Launch Readiness Assessment
  • Organizational Development
  • Financial Budgeting & Planning
  • Clinical and Commercial Operations & Supply Management
  • CMC Projects & Program Oversight
  • Supply Chain Planning & Purchasing
  • Manufacturing, Operations & IT Project Management
  • Content/Document Management
  • Collaboration Solutions Implementation
  • Enterprise System Evaluation and Implementation (ERP, QMS, LMS, SC, DSCSA, EBR, CRM, Medical Affairs/Commercial Systems)
  • Product Launch Plan Execution

Converge’s Other Lifecycle Strategies

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