Info Sheet: Extending Your Quality Capabilities

By |2022-08-18T13:38:34-04:0008/18/2022|

PDF Available > Focusing on patients and improved outcomes in a rapidly evolving environment requires maintaining appropriate controls to ensure quality and compliance from early in the lifecycle. A well-designed and stage-appropriate Quality Management System (QMS) is essential to facilitate the development and commercialization of these advanced treatments. Converge Consulting understands the complexities and [...]

Transitioning to Computer Software Assurance from Computer Systems Validation

By |2022-03-29T09:57:35-04:0003/29/2022|

Transitioning to Computer Software Assurance from Computer Systems Validation Life science companies need to verify that GxP computer and software systems accurately support their intended business processes. The traditional approach for meeting this requirement is computer system validation (CSV). CSV emerged decades ago when computer systems were less reliable, and software was [...]

Event Recap: Building High-Touch Patient Supply Chains

By |2022-03-18T10:36:32-04:0003/18/2022|

Event Recap: Building High-Touch Patient Supply Chains Patient Outcomes: A Shift in Industry Focus The healthcare industry is increasing use of patient outcomes as a measure of quality and value. This drives biopharmaceutical companies to focus on patients in their commercial operations, technical operations, and supply chain. It was first prioritized [...]

Advanced Planning: Developing Supply Risk Mitigation Strategies

By |2022-05-20T15:00:55-04:0002/09/2022|

Advanced Planning: Developing Supply Risk Mitigation Strategies Download the PDF Converge conducts a Manufacturing Supplier Risk Assessment and uses the results to build a Supplier Risk Management Plan. A commercial biopharmaceutical company was preparing for their second product launch when senior leadership acknowledged the need to prioritize the supply chain and manufacturing [...]

5 Unique Logistics Challenges for Specialty Pharmaceuticals

By |2021-07-29T10:15:32-04:0007/28/2021|

Many of our clients are innovator companies developing novel treatments that are often complex and extremely high value. As a result, they face similar supply chain challenges in preparing for commercialization. Often, these specialty products are also orphan and rare disease treatments, as well as extremely low volume. The supply chains for these emerging [...]

Thinking Differently about Safety Stock

By |2021-04-13T11:37:36-04:0004/13/2021|

Inventory comes in many shapes and sizes, quite literally, but for life sciences one thing is certain: effectively managing inventory is a make-or-break moment for delivering patient-centric care. I have seen this value potential play out while working with dozens of emerging companies to build efficient inventory management strategies. Many senior leaders underestimate how [...]

Ensuring the Path to Compliant Analytical Methods

By |2022-02-08T10:24:24-05:0011/06/2020|

A gene therapy company spent over a decade developing their first-generation product, partnering for many early development capabilities. Then when the product was moving into the final stage clinical development, they bought out the rights and now owned 100% of the molecule. However, with a lean organization who had limited CMC and analytical [...]

Stage-Appropriate Quality Systems

By |2020-10-22T12:18:12-04:0010/22/2020|

Stage-Appropriate Quality Systems development comes up directly or indirectly in essentially all our client work. Quality Management is essential for emerging biopharma companies in particular, who face significant technical, scientific, clinical, and operational uncertainties. There is always a question of how much, and how soon? We see some companies 'build for success' who [...]

Essential Characteristics of a Stage-Appropriate Quality System

By |2021-03-19T12:56:03-04:0008/18/2020|

CMC QA/The Quality System Webinar on 9/30/2020 Request the Recording Request the Presentation Biopharmaceutical companies developing innovative products must build a stage-appropriate quality system (QS) that ensures the right controls are in place.  By doing this, they ensure patient safety and compliance while enhancing operational efficiency. The [...]

Managing the Unexpected in Commercial Launch Planning

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Managing the Unexpected in Commercial Launch Planning 2 Treatments, 1 Timeline Service Areas: Commercial Launch, Supply Chain, Quality, Enterprise IT Solutions, Commercial Systems, CRM, Medical Affairs Lifecycle Stage: Clinical Our client was an emerging biopharmaceutical company formed to commercialize a rare disease treatment in late-stage [...]

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