Info Sheet: Global Logistics & Trade Compliance Services

By |2023-05-23T16:26:52-04:0005/23/2023|

Global Logistics & Trade Compliance Services Info Sheet PDF Available > Supply chains are growing in complexity whether they support preclinical, clinical, or commercial companies. Biopharma companies work with a global network of suppliers, labs, and contractors, all while the industry continues experiencing after-effects of pandemic-related restrictions and disruptions. The need to [...]

Commercial Launch Planning on an Accelerated Timeline

By |2023-02-13T12:33:53-05:0002/13/2023|

Commercial Launch Planning on an Accelerated Timeline An emerging European biotech company was preparing to commercially launch its first product in the US. The FDA granted the innovative product a priority review given the potential for significant benefit to patients. As a result, the company faced a compressed timeline to build their [...]

Benefits of Using Foreign Trade Zones for Emerging Biotech Companies

By |2021-12-07T11:14:42-05:0012/07/2021|

Benefits of Using Foreign Trade Zones for Emerging Biotech Companies We often see clients incurring high duties on importing key starting materials into the US. For emerging companies conducting R&D, paying duty on each import can significantly impact cashflow, sometimes measuring in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. This impact is amplified [...]

Global Trade Compliance: Why Emerging Biopharmaceutical Company Operations Executives Need to Take Notice

By |2021-09-30T13:18:28-04:0009/27/2021|

Today’s biopharmaceutical supply chains often stretch around the world. Key starting materials (KSM) and API originate more frequently from Asia. Manufacturing is commonly conducted in Europe and North America. And commercial distribution is spread across the globe. This globalization has resulted in increased logistics and global trade compliance (GTC) complexity along with ever-changing import/export [...]

5 Unique Logistics Challenges for Specialty Pharmaceuticals

By |2021-07-29T10:15:32-04:0007/28/2021|

Many of our clients are innovator companies developing novel treatments that are often complex and extremely high value. As a result, they face similar supply chain challenges in preparing for commercialization. Often, these specialty products are also orphan and rare disease treatments, as well as extremely low volume. The supply chains for these emerging [...]

Global Trade & Logistics: The Other Side of Compliance

By |2022-08-09T09:12:29-04:0002/22/2021|

An innovative pharmaceutical company was awaiting FDA approval to launch its first commercial product. They were also increasing their clinical trial activities globally and advancing other programs into the clinic. The complexity of their global supply network was increasing. However, they lacked processes, knowledgeable resources, and organizational understanding of global trade compliance requirements [...]

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